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A Free Book? Seriously?

For over thirty years, Tom Cock and Don McDonald have been providing cutting edge financial, investment, and retirement advice to millions across the country. After long careers in financial media, Tom and Don created an education-centric investment advisory firm, Vestory back in 2009. Our focus on educating everyone and pressuring no one, has been good for you and us. Without ever making a cold call or pressuring anyone to buy anything, Vestory became the fastest growing registered investment advisor in the Pacific Northwest in 2016 (according to Financial Advisor magazine, July 2017). Everyone deserves a great financial future, yet most of the financial advice is misguided, self-serving, or outright dangerous. How can anyone make informed financial decisions or create a retirement plan in our misinformation maelstrom. So, we decided to fill informational void with a powerful retirement guidebook, created in conjunction with two of America's finest mutual fund families, Vanguard and Dimensional Funds. So, get your free PDF copy of Vestory's Better Retirement Guidebook right now.


So, What's the Catch?

We understand your skepticism. It's wise. However, in this case there is no catch. Our goal is to help create a more financially literate America, one person at a time. Don't misunderstand, we're devout capitalists and believe in making a living. We're just not greedy and want everyone have the opportunity to get ahead. Plus. we've discovered that providing an honest financial education to anyone who wants it, helps us grow. It just makes sense. If we provide you with knowledge that helps you do well on your own, to whom are you going to send someone you know who needs ongoing financial guidance and wealth management? Probably not that stockbroker who did little more than sell you an overpriced mutual fund, right? So, our motives are not entirely altruistic. By helping you we're also helping ourselves.


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